Custom Mother's Birthstone Cascade Necklace

This is a beautiful custom Mother's birthstone necklace that will gorgeously represent the family in a meaningful way. This makes for a special gift for mom or grandma.  You'll surprise her this Mother's Day with the perfect present!  


  • GOLD. 14k gold filled chain, 18k vermeil gold bezels
  • SILVER. 925 sterling silver chain and bezels
  • BLACKENED. Oxidized 925 sterling silver chain and bezels


    • I work with a variety of gemstones to correlate to specific months. Please view the photos in the listing to see my collection. Please note that due to natural variations, gemstones may vary slightly in color and shape.

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    We highly recommend returning the original jewelry to our shop so as to best match the original necklace. Please follow the return shipping instructions here.

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