Generational Birthstone Orbit Necklace

These new orbit birthstone pendants are a unique way to show off your birthstone, your children's birthstones, or your grandkids' birthstones.

Whether you are looking to layer your own birthstone with other necklaces, or you want to create a meaningful and unique necklace to carry your children and grandchildren, this necklace design is perfect!

This necklace can be made with a small ring with one 5mm birthstone to represent mom or grandma, a medium size ring with up to three 3mm birthstones representing your kids, and one large ring with up to four 3mm birthstones, which can represent grandchildren! It's a perfect statement piece to represent your family tree!


** Please note ** We DO NOT accept returns on these necklaces since these are customized with your personalizations.

• • METAL • •
• GOLD. The bezels are 18K Vermeil gold over sterling silver, all other parts are 14K gold filled.
•STERLING SILVER. All metal parts are sterling silver.
•ROSE GOLD. The bezels are 18K Rose gold over sterling silver, all other parts are 14k rose gold filled.


Gemstones are 3mm / 0.12'' and 5mm / 0.20". Please note that gemstones may vary slightly in color and shape. Gemstones such as Moonstone can have natural inclusions and small internal cracks.