Custom Name, Footprint & Birthstone Charm bracelet

This bar bracelet features a tiny bezel gemstone and a bar engraved with a name, date, and a footprint or a handprint. With a variety of fonts to choose from, as well as gemstones, this can be tailored just to you! 

Bar is approximately 30mm x 5mm.
Gemstone is approximately 6mm in diameter.


✦ GOLD: Birthstones are 18K Vermeil gold, chain and all other parts are 14K gold filled.
✦ BRIGHT STERLING SILVER: All metal parts are sterling silver.

✦ Stones are approximately 6mm in diameter. I use a combination of natural and dyed gemstones of great quality that I know you'll love. Due to natural variations, please note that some may differ slightly in color and shape.

✦ The bar can be inscribed with a name, date, and stock footprint or handprint.