About Us

Danique Jewelry Team

We are a small team of dedicated makers and artists who bring our passion every day into creating unique and personalized jewelry and accessory items. It brings us great pleasure and happiness to commemorate family, special moments, and above all - love - in our designs.

You are unique, and so is our jewelry! 

Each item is made-to-order and therefore can be completely customized to YOU. Why wear boring jewelry when you can have something that inspires, is imbued with meaning, and is carefully crafted with the love and care it deserves?


Behind the name.

The namesake and inspiration behind this shop comes from my daughter, Danique, born in 2011. She is my third child and while I was pregnant and raising my other two sons, I began my hobby of crafting jewelry for my friends and family. I started on my kitchen table with some beads and wire, working on projects when I came home from my "real" job and after I had put the boys to bed. Call it "prego-brain" but when Danique was born, her own inner sparkle inspired me to quit my day job and focus on what I really enjoyed - making family style jewelry with quality stones and materials.

I launched "Danique Jewelry" on February 19th, 2012 on Etsy.com and it's been a whirlwind of challenges and triumphs. Designs I thought would be popular flopped and others I casually launched became best sellers. Through trial and error I developed my own style and began to grow.

Six years later Danique Jewelry now has a rotating team of 6 to 10 team members, not including my husband and sons who throw in a helping hand when needed. I know I can speak for all of Team Danique to say we are so grateful to be here, doing what we love - making jewelry for you and your loved ones.  Thank you for stopping by - we hope you found something that speaks to you.

~ Much love, Irina (owner of Danique Jewelry)

Danique & Irina