Natural Gemstone Slice Connector Necklace

  • This natural gemstone slice is beautifully framed with 24k gold plating and hangs from a 14k gold-filled chain. Perfect for layering or wearing alone to showcase the stunning color and unique qualities that make each stone different from the next. Great as a birthday gift or a boho necklace to wear to your next festival. Choose from a variety of beautiful natural stones and from two different styles of chain for the perfect look.

    Each gemstone slice is unique. Coloring, size, and inclusions may vary.
    Slices are approximately 18mm x 14mm (0.75 inch x 0.55 inch).

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    ✦ GOLD. Gemstone is framed in 24k gold-plated brass. Chain is 14k gold-filled.

    ✦ 16 inches / 40 cm (on the first image on the model)
    ✦ 18 inches / 45 cm
    ✦ 20 inches / 50 cm (on the third image on the model)
    ✦ 22 inches / 55 cm
    ✦ 24 inches / 61 cm
    ✦ 30 inches / 76 cm

    ✦ Satellite
    ✦ Cable

    ✦ Lapis Lazuli (dark blue with golden inclusions)
    ✦ Moss Agate (dark green stone with white inclusions)
    ✦ Snowflake Agate (white green stone with green inclusions)
    ✦ Turquoise (bright aqua stone with grey inclusions)

    The necklace is finished with a spring ring clasp.amed in 24k gold-plated brass. The chain is 14k gold-filled.

  • CABLE. Standard cable link chain.
  • SATELLITE. Small knot chain with tiny beads about every inch or so.


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